Saudi, Inc.

Saudi, Inc. tells the history of Saudi Arabia through the central character of Aramco. The story starts with Saudi Arabia’s founder, Abdul Aziz, a refugee embarking on a daring gambit to reconquer his family’s ancestral home, the mud-walled city of Riyadh. It takes readers almost to present day, when the multinational oil business has made al Saud the wealthiest family in the world. Now al Saud and its family business, Aramco, are embarking on their most ambitious move: taking the company public and preparing the country for the next generation.

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What They’re Saying About Saudi, Inc.

“The U.S.–Saudi relationship is both critically important to both countries and fraught with contradictions. In this incisive and briskly readable study, Ellen Wald skillfully traces the evolution of that relationship from its earliest days down to the present. Saudi, Inc. is an important and timely book.”

-Andrew J. Bacevich, historian & bestselling author of America’s War for the Greater Middle East

“Well-written and well-researched, Wald’s book is crucial reading for understanding Saudi Arabia… A timely masterpiece.”

-Steve Forbes, Chairman & Editor-in-Chief of Forbes

“I can recommend it. Really, really fascinating history of Saudi Aramco there.”

-Tracy Alloway, host of Bloomberg Markets: Middle East

Saudi, Inc. should be mandatory reading for anyone planning to do business in Saudi Arabia… Ellen Wald has done a masterful job of taking you inside the boardrooms and the royal chambers, the competing interests and personalities. She captures the vast scope of history [and] brings alive the interplay among the al Saud family, the tribes, the religious community and culture. Those who may think the Saudis were ill equipped to deal with the modern world are likely to walk away rethinking facile assumptions. Wald chronicles the skill in which the Saudis outmaneuvered everyone, especially the large U.S. corporate enterprises. A necessary read for all those venturing to the Gulf.”

-James B. Smith, U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, 2009-2013

“Wald has done a tremendous job researching the history of the House of Saudi and the evolution of Aramco and provides an in-depth analysis of the people and personalities involved… Saudi, Inc. is an essential text for anyone who wants to understand the unique history of both Saudi Arabia and Saudi Aramco.”

Modern Trader magazine

“Wald has produced a clear, concise history of both the kingdom and its all-important oil corporation.”

-Publishers Weekly

“I don’t know that I would have EVER thought that a book about the Kings of Saudi Arabia and an oil company would have been interesting. But this book is! I don’t just mean that the book is well written (it is) but Wald actually seems very enthusiastic about the topic and that carries over to the reader… Very well written, intriguing and even fascinating.  Wald really drew me in to the history, and she might draw you in too, even though it is just a book about oil and Kings.”

-Snickerdoodlesmusings Book Reviews


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